Dad turned 50!

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So what I forgot to mention in my post yesterday, was that it was also my dad’s birthday. He turned 50 already! gosh, he’s becoming an old man now, hahaha. My family spent the night with my dad’s brothers and parents and my mom’s brothers with their kids, which was lots of fun except for the fact that my youngest niece is super hyper! I think my dad’s birthday was succeeded pretty well(: Image

My mom bought all kinds of nuts and cookies.


I especially loved this pie with chocolate cherries, whip cream and white chocolate.


There was also this pie called ‘progres taart’ in dutch, but unfortunately I didn’t find the english translation of it ;$ It’s a super sweet one with hazelnut on it.

As main course my mom made risotto with mushrooms and parmesan cheese which was super delicious!


She made a dessert called panna cotta.

In between of all the courses she also fried little snacks which tasted very well!
How was your weekend?

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