Getting to know me better


You might remember my first post (or not), in which I introduced myself shortly. I wrote the most common things about me, that people would ask about you when they want to get to know you. In this post I’ll put some photos I made in my room, and tell you something about them. Your own room is the place where you can be whoever you truly are. No one will watch you there or judge you. You can store all your stuff there that you find private. Someone’s rooms says a lot about him or her..


This is my collection of cooking books. I love to be in the kitchen and to make meals. Food is something really important in life. Not only is it necessary for your body, it’s also delicious. Whenever you’re sad, dissapointed or mad, food can cheer you up again. Don’t you love the smell of food when you come home from an exhausted day out and you know that there is a meal waiting for you? I do!

In this picture you can see my fashion related books and a book called ‘Dik in mijn hoofd which ‘Fat in my head/mind’ means. This book means a lot to me since I’d been struggeling with my weight really badly about a year ago. When I read this book I could relate myself very much to the main character of the story. Because of this, it has a big value to me. I’m back on track now though. I’m accepting my body more and more even though I find this really hard. Luckily my boyfriend helps me a lot with this, so a big thank you to him. On the right of the photo, you can see 2 albums. One by Beyoncé and one by Pitbull. The story behind the album is really weird. I once went to Indonesia with my grandma and sisters. We met my grandma’s old friend, her daughter and her grandson. While we drove to the restaurant in this super amazing car they had, he played a song by Pitbull. I really liked the song and decided to search for the album. After I found it and bought it, it turned out that this was the only song I liked of the whole album.. fail, haha


This is my grandpa. He passed away may the 17th 2009. Both of my parents work full-time, so my grandparents lived with us. My grandpa had cancer since I was about 1 month old. He was pretty much my second dad. He learned me to read and write, helped me with school and taught me lessons about life. The dark blue book on the left is the autobiography he wrote about himself before he died. The photo of me and him was taken about a month before he died. The crystal dog thing on the right is one he bought for me. When I was younger me and my family went to Antwerp. We walked passed a shop and I immediately fell for it. I asked my mom to buy it but she didn’t want to because she didn’t like it. After 5 minutes my grandpa whispered in my ear: “Do you really really want it?” I said yes and we secretly turned around and walked back to the shop to buy it for me. I remember him as if it was yesterday and miss him really badly since we had this strong family relationship, even tighter than the one I have with my dad I think..


I really really love electronics. Whether it’s a computer or a camera, a mobile or a gadget. I love them all! When I was little my dad gave him his old computer. I loved to draw on paint or to write little notes on word. I clicked on every button to find out what it was. My uncle is also really good with electronics and often updates me about the latest gadgets and gives me tips whether I should buy something or not. Nowadays I know how to solve many problems on the computer which is really helpful for my parents. I also love to take pictures and to edit them. My mom often asks me to make brochures for events she organizes, since I’m good with DTP and photoshop.

I think you got to know me a lot better, just by showing you 4 pictures and explaining a bit about them(: Hopefully you liked to read this and to get to know me better. Is there anything else you want to know about me?

What do you think?

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