Every girl loves heels


Some girls can walk on them every single day, others can barely walk on them at all, but none of them can deny that she likes heels. They not only make your legs look longer but also slimmer! Who doesn’t want long and slim legs?! It just takes time to practice so that you’re able to walk confidently while wearing them.  I’ve got only 2 pairs of wedges and 2 pairs of heels, because I don’t wear them very often. Either the weather doesn’t let me or either I’ve got school. School is already exhausting enough for me, just imagine how much harder would be on heels! I did wear my wedges to school since they’re easy to walk on.


From left to right: Steve Madden, UGG Australia, H&M and Blink.

On the internet I found a couple quotes that I totally agree with:

“A woman can never have too many shoes.”
“Shoes complete an outfit.”
“Pain is beauty.”

Do you agree with them?

3 thoughts on “Every girl loves heels

  1. Some feedback for your post: I disagree with the title of this post, as well as the three quotes you have at the end. I am a girl and I most certainly do not love heels, not at all. In addition, the quote “pain is beauty” is highly problematic (it is reminiscent of very harmful self-destructive disorders) and I would avoid using it in the context of something as shallow as shoes… I don’t want to insult you but making such broad assumptions are bound to draw some conflict


    1. thanks for being so honest, I really appreciate you giving me some feedback. Alright, maybe you’re right about the quote ‘Pain is beauty’, it might refer to the wrong meaning, but except for that one, why do you disagree with the other 2 quotes?


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