Today’s outfit



Blazer: H&M, top and trousers: zara, clutch: received with an portuguese vogue, both rings and earrings: present from my grandma, necklace: birthday present from my mom, bracelet: present from my boyfriend.

This was actually my meant-to-be today’s outfit. You’re probably thinking what is that suppose to mean right now, so I’ll explain it for you. I knew that there would be a special program for those who followed the subjects either music or art, but my teacher didn’t even mention it, let alone give us some information about it. Fortunately, there’s this girl on my school who follows the exact same subjects as I do, and lives really near to me. She told me everything about it but didn’t tell me anything about the dresscode. So this morning I woke up at 6:30 (I’d never felt as tired as I felt this morning) and put on this outfit. My friend was suppose to pick me up at 7:40 to go to school, but for some reason she didn’t come. I was scared that she’d forgotten about this special school program so I called her. Turned out that school started 50 minutes later than I thought and that everyone had to wear sport clothes, which meant I had to change clothes..

Eventhough I was pretty pissed this morning, today was a pretty nice one. Hopefully you had a lovely monday as well(:

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