Give aways


Wooohooo, so as y’all may know, I’m doing a give away! I ordered the bracelets yesterday, so I’ll receive them in the next couple of days I think. How I’m going to do this..

1) Everyone who wants to join MUST like my facebookpage (HERE).

2) I’ll write down every person that joins with a number.

3) The winner will be picked with a random number generator.

4) I’ll contact the winner via facebook I think. The winner then has to send me a message telling me their address and which bracelet they want. They have to respond within 3 days, if not, I’ll pick a new winner.

5) I’ll send it to him or her.

You can increase your chances to win by asking your friends to like my facebookpage as well and let them message me your name. Your name will be written down one more time for every friend that you can get to like my page and message me. When they liked it, they will also join the give away, so this will be a win-win situation for you both(:

I’ll ship worldwide. There will only be picked ONE winner. Winner of the giveaway will be chosen somewhere around Christmas (the exact date will be announced later)

Any more questions? GO!

16 thoughts on “GIVE AWAY!

  1. Ah, I absolutely love the bracelets! Count me in :D

    Btw, I also have a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out. Ironically enough, one of the things I am giving away is a skull bracelet – even though it look very different, hehe.

  2. Hee
    Ik vind echt dat je heel leuk schrijft en lees nu bijna elke week je blog ik wil graag meedoen met de win actie Xx bloeme

    1. if you want to increase your chances, you have to get a friend of yours to like my page and he or she has to message me YOUR name(:

      1. they can send me a private message or just write it on my wall, it doesn’t matter really where, as long as I can see / read it (:

      2. oh and one more question; how do I know if they really did? I asked about 5 friends to like your page and to say I’ve told them to do that, but how do I know if they did? xx

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