Lace back



Today’s outfit: Shirt: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: UGG Australia

As y’all can see in the first picture, I painted my nails, which I hadn’t in a really long time and I absolutely love the colour! I got the polish as birthdaypresent last year from my old best friend. Nope, there was no quarrel in case you’re thinking ‘huh? why old?’ She was my bestfriend until I moved to another city.

I really really like the shirt I’m wearing, but there’s one disadvantage.. When I wear a top underneath in, you can see it trough the lace, but when I don’t, you can see my bra shining trough it on the frontside, which I don’t find really appropriate when I go to school, haha.

p.s. I received the bracelets!

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