I freaking love studs!


I’m sorry for not posting really interested posts this weekend. If you disagree with the word not interested then, thank you(: but I’d totally understand if you don’t haha. It’s because I was busy every day.. On saturday, I went to the Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam to take a look about what the school is like and whether I’d like to study there later. After that I ate in a restaurant called Singaraja with my boyfriend, followed by a cafe in a city centre. Yesterday I went ice skating with my boyfriend which was really really fun! I hadn’t done that in ages (that’s what it felt like haha) and after that we went to the movies to watch Skyfall. Today I went to the city centre with my boyfriend to buy gifts for my sisters, since we celebrate Sinterklaas. It’s a bit like Santa Claus, but different.. Not going to explain it, since it’s really difficult to, sorry! (In case you’re wondering, yes, we do celebrate christmas in our country as well).

To make a long story short: Very busy, lack of sleep but had a lot of fun(:

Today I bought this little bag, I don’t know how to call it differently, with gold studs on it. I really really like it, though I’m not sure how to use it, whoops! I could use it as a pencil case or as a beautycase or.. ? It’s from Zara and cost €25,95


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