Black shirt and Denim shorts


I usually really hate colour combinations such as black/blue or black/brown but today I felt like just try it with the result that it doesn’t even look that bad at all.. Atleast, that’s what I think. Even though it was freezing cold outside I chose denim shorts to combine the shirt with, because YOLO! Nah, just kidding, yolo is being highly overused by people who in my opinion, are mostly lame. No offence though, just saying.. I remember when I read it for the first time on tumblr. It was somewhere in summerbreak I think.. When school started again, it was as if suddenly EVERYONE from my school thought they would have swag whenever they said ‘yolo’ which lead to people saying ‘yolo’ every day every moment, every hour, every minute, every..
Back to my post now about colour combinations and why I chose shorts today..
I wore tights underneath it to cover my legs, so that nobody could see them turning blue or red or what other colour your legs will turn, when they’re about to die from a cold temperature, haha

Anyways, hopefully you’ll like my outfit


p.s. Today I received the december edition of the Dutch Vogue! Photos about it will be published tomorrow I think(:
Also, don’t forget to join the give away! for more info about that click HERE


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