The city I was born in: Utrecht


Today I went to the UU (Utrecht Universiteit/Utrecht University) to see whether I’d like to study medicines there. The university really impressed me. Not only because of the beauty of itself, the quality of the education there, but also because of the city it’s in. I didn’t remember much of it anymore but there was this feeling I had in my stomach, which told me this might be the right place for me to go to. I’m planning to go to the UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam/University of Amsterdam) so that I have something to compare this one with. Because even though I went to Erasmus Rotterdam last week, for some reason, I didn’t really get the impression what the university was like.

Whatever about universities, I think you’re not here to read about my life, but more about fashion, right?

I bought 3 pairs of earrings here, mostly because I wanted the cross earrings really badly. I didn’t even like the other ones, but oh well, they cost only €3,95 (:


Do you like them?

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6 thoughts on “The city I was born in: Utrecht

  1. Hey! I hope you’re happy about going to medicine, however I’ve seen your drawings on your older post and they were incredible!!! You’re so talented, you could work in fashion or design…
    I’m just saying, because I wish I had this talent…


    1. Ahw, thank you so much for this nice comment! I’d love to work in the fashion industry, but to get in, is really tough! Only a few can get to the real top. I don’t have any connections with someone in it, who could help me. Which makes it even harder for me to get in. Both of my parents and more people of my family are doctors, so that’s what made me interested in becoming one as well. Even though the study is really difficult and I have to work hard for it, it seems more realistic to me to become successful with, than in the fashion industry.

      I’m not giving my dream up about blogging, but I see it more as an extra thing, which may or may not come true. I’m trying to get in touch with more people and to get on press lists etc. but I’m not sure how it will work out yet. Fingers crossed for me please, haha

      Other than that, I’ll need people like you to help me as well, by commenting or liking my posts so that the people I’m trying to get in touch with, can actually see that there are people who read and visit my blog. They can’t see my stats, only I can, so I have to show that I’ve got visitors in a different way..


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