Bye November


November is about to end.. was it a good month for you or not? However, I think the answer to that question isn’t relevant right now because the end of this month also means the start of, in my opinion, the best month ever of every single year! well, except the one that I was born in of course.. just kidding haha(: I like the coziness of it when it’s Christmas and I like the fact that a year ends and a new one begins. I like dressing up for parties in December and sitting in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate in your hand to warm you up. Even though the weather sucks on your way to school, there are always the holidays to look forward to(:

November was a really good month for me I think. I started this blog November the first and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved with it so far. Other than that I applied for my first job! I’ve got an appointment with the owner of the restaurant the first of December. I’m really excited for it, but also really nervous..


What’s on your wishlist for christmas?

p.s. I wanted to apologise for not posting yesterday. I just really didn’t have the time for it ):

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