Yesterday evening I spent with my boyfriend and his family to celebrate Sinterklaas. If you’re not from The netherlands or Belgium you probably don’t have a single clue what that means. Click here to see the wikipedia definition of it(:


This was my outfit for that day: Shirt – Zara, Dress (was meant to be a really long basic shirt) – The stingIMG_9362

I received these hockey socks as present, with which I’m really happy! I asked for some lovely coloured ones haha

Tonight I’m planning to give my present to him with a poem of course. We’re 5 months together now and hopefully we will stay together for a much longer time!


3 thoughts on “Sinterklaas

  1. I hope you will love! I’ve asked that shirt for christmas. The first thing my grandma said when she heard of it, was; ‘No way you’re getting that. Studs. Why?’ But I hope I will get it haha. Love your outfit! We’re celebrating Sinterklaas wednesday, and I still have to write poems for 6 people haha x


      1. Haha yesss exactly! I know, I just started with a poem for my grandparents :) Something just popped in my head and I want to be a writer in the future. So once I start, the words will come ;) Thanks love x


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