Cross necklace


Monday, my boyfriend came over to give me his gift for me and so that I could give mine to him. You’re probably really curious about the gifts right? Or maybe not, haha, I’m telling you it anyways. Niels (my boyfriend) talked about ordering an Abercrombie & Fitch sweather, while my mom was to Chicago. So I asked her, secretly ofcourse, to buy one for him. Turned out my mom is the worst guesser ever! She bought one that was waaaaaay to big, leading to me having no gift :( I’m planning to go to the citycentre this weekend with him, so that he can pick something he wants or needs. The idea was perfect in my head, my mom just ruined it all..

What Niels bought for me? A necklace:

I’m sorry for the messy hair, I don’t know how come it looks like this

I think it’s really nice, because it fits well with my silver cross bracelet I bought recently (I didn’t even realise this until Niels told me. He thought about every single detail; the colour, the cross, the tininess of it, everything! So sweet! ). However, I do feel weird wearing this, since I’m not christian.. I don’t follow any kind of belief actually, do you?

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