Party & Bullshit (Part 2)

My life

A couple days ago, I wrote that I was about to hit a party. I had an amazing time there and laughed and danced and talked alot! The later the time was, the uglier the photos became, with as result that almost every photo I’m in, is ruined by me hahaha. So to limit the pain your eyes will feel when they see my ugly face on those awful photos, I decided to only show 3 photos, in which I look okay (:

28776_392888920791811_134663656_n 532659_392893967457973_1386039725_n 261416_392895347457835_1076142398_n

Yesterday evening, I celebrated Sinterklaas. Yes, I already celebrated it on sunday, but that was with my boyfriend’s family. This time, I did it with my parents. Stay tuned if you’re wondering what I received from ‘The Good Holy Man’

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