Beneath your beautiful


Gosh, what is this such an amazing song.. I could listen it all day on repeat!

Anyways, yesterday was the first white morning. Everything outside was covered with snow! I was really happy because I slept so well and the music on the radio was just so amazing! I was dancing in my room because of all the joy in my body, yes, you can laugh at me now haha (: It sounds so weird, I know! I am a little weird though if you didn’t notice yet, but I just felt so good!
Unfortunately my happy mood stopped very quickly because I fell of my bike because the road was slippery..

My outfit was very light and loose, because I just felt like wearing something like that(?)
IMG_9376 IMG_9387

And a full outfit photo with my sisters’ outfit on it as well(:


Yesterday evening I also watched ‘Grease’ for the first time! Such a pity that I hadn’t seen it before right? haha.

I’m going to Amsterdam today to the UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam/University of Amsterdam) to accompany a student there, so that I can imagine what is it like to be there. I’m really excited but also very nervous, because I’m going on my own! What if I get lost and will never return.. Fingers crossed for me today(:

What do you think?

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