Tiny bows


We all have those days, when we just want to choose something simple, some people more than others *cough* me *cough*. I prefer playing safe, because I’m always scared to get judged. I don’t know where the fear came from, but I just am. So, instead of choosing clothes that have prominent colours or details on it, I chose something basic, like I usually do. I know it’d be great if I just wore whatever I like, but oh well, I know it will come with time..

This was my outfit on Friday I think? Yeah, I know it’s a while ago, I just didn’t like this post as much as the other posts I published the past days ((:


Do you like the bows on my vest?

This post was meant to end now, but after reading it a second time, I noticed it’s super boring. So because of that, I decided to add a way too happy photoof me (just like my header) to thank you for reading this (:


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