My daily beauty routine


I don’t wear much make-up, unless there’s a special event or party. I used to wear layers of mascara about 3 years ago, because I wanted my eyelashes to be huge, until I noticed it didn’t look very pretty at all. I stopped using mascara when I got my eyelash extensions (more info about my eyelash extensions HERE). They look way more natural than using mascara, because they’re very long but also thin. I don’t like wearing foundation because it makes me feel as if I’m wearing a mask. I prefer using concealer to hide red spots and such things. Other than that I only use lipbalm and that’s it. Not much, right?

To keep my skin clean, I use Clarins products. A worker in a beauty shop once recommended it to me and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a product I feel safe with using it. I know this sounds weird “safe using a beauty product?”. Well, there’s a story behind it. When I just hit puberty I had lots of acne. It was even that bad that my parents thought it was an allergic reaction, so I went to a doctor. He told me to use some products of ehmm.. dammit, I fotgot the name! It was a pretty well-known brand though. But when I used it, it made my face turn red and it hurt really badly. It felt as if my face was in fire or something.. I immediately stopped using it of course, but since then, every product hurt, except products made for babies. Fortunately, after a couple months, I was able to use normal products again. One of the first ones I used, were Clarins-ones.

My routine: Clean my face, then put on some crème and then brush my eyelashes. Ending it by putting on some concealer, except when I forget to, which happens regularly.


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