My way too expensive sneakers


I used to go shopping with my mom very often, about every week. Unfortunately this stopped because of school and other things that are more important. One day, I went with my mom and grandma to Oisterwijk. We went to the shoestore Mayke, a very expensive store. They sell famous brands such as Jimmy Choo, Isabel Marant and so many more! It was definitely a shoe paradise to me. As soon as I saw these sneakers I fell in love with them. But when I looked at the price my heart stopped for a moment. In stead of looking at the price, my eyes fell on the brand’s name “Jimmy Choo”. I’d heard many times before, but It seemed unrealistic to me to every touch one pair of shoes. The price didn’t shock me, I mean, they were from Jimmy Choo. When my mom asked me whether I had seen some nice shoes I said “Well, yeah, a pair of sneakers” as a joke. She asked me where they were and I showed hem to her. I told her it was a joke, because they were waaaay too expensive for me, but instead of my mom laughing and walking away she walked to my grandma, and told her about the shoes. Then my grandma came to me and said: “I’ll buy them for you as long as you’ll do your best in school”. Ofcourse I said yes, I mean, I would be a fool if I said that I didn’t want a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes right?

I had never felt that happy when I came back home and opened the box and saw my OWN Jimmy Choo shoes :’) But after some thinking, I realised that it would be a sin to wear them every day and let them get dirty and damaged.. So instead of that, I decided to keep them in my room, so that they won’t get filthy, with as result that I rarely wear them. Ugh, I’m just really careful with them, they were so expensive! I’ve only worn them twice(?) ever since I got them.. I know that I should wear them more often, I just don’t know when yet..

IMG_9426 IMG_9427 IMG_9428 IMG_9429

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