New denim jacket


Right after school, I went to the city centre, to look for a white dress for the SGB White Christmas party. I went to many shops, but just couldn’t find the right one, so I returned home without the dress I’d hoped for.. nevertheless, I did buy something else!

A denim jacket, which I had been searching for, for so long! I’m absolutely in love with it and am determined to wear it a lot, haha. What I realised the last weeks, is that the purchases I buy with my own money are things I use a lot more, than the stuff I buy when I’m with my mom. Unfortunately, I’m becoming broke because of this, although in my eyes, the money was spend wisely. However, I’m dealing with a huge problem now: WHAT TO WEAR TO THE PARTY?? I don’t have a single clue, but hopefully I’ll get a sign from above, telling me what to wear..

IMG_9475 IMG_9478 IMG_9479



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