Yesterday’s outfit


As the weather is getting colder, my clothes are getting thicker and looser. Loose because it’s more comfortable and keeps me warmer. Sadly, this also leads to gaining weight (you might be able to see it in the pictures if you look at my inner tighs compared to what they looked like in older photos e.g. this one). So I decided to do something against it. The hockey season is over now, which means that I had to search for something else. I’m thinking about getting a gym membership or else, I’ll just go swimming in our pool. The disadvantage about swimming is that it gets boring after a while.. but whatever. I bet my mom will push me to go when I’m about to give up. What I’m really scared of right now is Christmas dinner..

Whoops, too much information for you, I think. Or are you interested in my life? I can’t really imagine someone being interested in me, but oh well, just leave a comment if you want me to talk about it(:


You know what I noticed? That every time I take my own outfit photos, I always make one of me, my face and the camera.. It should be named after me I think, lol, I wish.

IMG_9490 IMG_9493


Yesterday’s outfit: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH sweater, 7 FOR ALL MANKIND trousers

In case you’ve ever wondered in what kind of mirror I take photos like these: I’ve got my own sink in my room, with a huge mirror above it. Under the sink are 2 drawers filled with my make-up, brush and other things like that, and under the drawers is a space where I keep all my bags. I’ll take a photo of it, if I don’t forget to(:

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