Clothing racks

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If you’ve got the space for it, I would recommend a clothing rack to every girl. They are just so freaking helpful. Ever since I’ve used it,  I’ve never regret having one in my room. In my opinion, it looks very nice in your room. Mine looks most of the time like this:IMG_9500IMG_9502

But I don’t see the problem of it, because I’m always able to find what I need. You can hang your clothes, that you’d like to wear the next day (or maybe in the next days), on it or, you can throw your clothes on it, when you’re very tired in the evening. Other than that, you can also use it in the mornings, when you can’t find the perfect shirt (after trying hundreds already) and throw each one you don’t want to wear on it, so that you’ll save time. You do have to clean it up in the weekends though, but it does avoid a chaotic floor full of.. I don’t even know what.. do you?


You can find this one: HERE. The one in the photo is edited a bit by the owner though. She wrapped some brown tape around the pales, as you can see.

but there are plenty of other ones, that you can find on the internet.


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