fly away like a bird

My life

The reason why I chose this title is because.. the holidays finally started → we’re school free  birds are free as well! Gosh, that was so uninteresting.. anywaaaaaaaays,
Today is the shortest day of the year, which means that every day from now on will be a bit longer. I can’t wait until school doesn’t start when it’s still dark and lasts until it’s dark again anymore, because that’s hell and makes me feel miserable.. Am I the only one whose mood depends on whether the sun shines or not? We survived the dark period of the year, now we’re slowly going back to the bright one! No rushing home anymore to take photos, because photos in the dark are ugly. No freezing toes and fingertips anymore. No gloves, scarfs, huge sweaters and coats anymore. Just shorts, tees and allstars (:



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