finished my rosebud salve!


I know that this is such a random post, but I just couldn’t stop myself from posting this. I finished my rosebud salve! You’re probably thinking “So?” Well, it has never happened in my life that I finished a lip product, hahahaha. I usually lose them or give them to my sisters or.. I don’t know, they just seem to disappear every time. This lip product was an exception, because I’ve never used one as amazing as this one. (For more info, read my older post about this HERE). It took me about one and a half year to actually finish it. I think the money for this was very well-spent(:


3 thoughts on “finished my rosebud salve!

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  2. I also tend to lose them all the time, but this one was amazing love it so much! I just hate to have to stick my finger in the pot every single time!


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