Everyone has probably heard of it. A bucketlist: a list of things you want to do before you die. I’ve got one too(: It’s not finished yet at all, but oh well. I’ll only post the things I haven’t done yet, because I don’t think you’re interested in what I already did, right? or do you? if so, then leave a comment..

  • go, for a month or longer, to Australia
  • kiss in the rain
  • run a marathon
  • go to a festival
  • dive in the sea
  • go skydiving
  • swim with dolphins
  • ride on an elephant or camel
  • throw a message in a bottle in the sea
  • party all night long without sleeping
  • help a charity
  • swim in the lake of a waterfall
  • buy a Hermes-bag and a pair of Laboutins
  • make a photo with the tower of Pisa
  • tour trough europe by hitch-hiking
  • visit a fashionweek
  • paint every nail a different colour
  • fotobomb
  • throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  • smoke with a waterpipe/hookah
  • go to a famous film premier
  • spend a night/sleep a night on the beach
  • fake a phone failure
  • swim in the sea by night
  • do chinese firedrill
  • solve a rubik’s cube
  • have my dream-body
  • set food on every continent
  • make a rainbow-coloured pie/cake
  • learn to play poker
  • buy a ticket to a random destination on airport
  • learn the alphabet backwards
  • throw a full piggyback open
  • learn to play a song on the guitar
  • get a small tattoo that means a lot
  • learn how to surf (really well)
  • go to a real fashionshow
  • try every ben & jerry’s ice cream flavor
  • party in a huge city
  • throw someone a surprise party
  • cliffjump
  • get married and have 3 kids

do you have a bucketlist?


What do you think?

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