“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping” – Bo Derek

My life

I can’t believe we’ve got only 1 day left until the weekend. I’ve been waiting for it to come since monday morning.. It has been a hell of a week for me. Not only because of the 7 tests I already did or the one I’ll have to do tomorrow, but also because of the cold weather. I highly dislike snow, except when I’m able to ski, snowboard or have a snow fight with friends. These days it’s slippery outside and the snow on the roads is slowly turning brown.. yuk
This weekend I sadly have to miss my cousin’s birthday, since I have to work :( I just need the money to buy the things I want to have.. There’s just so much I still want, damnnn. I think coming home after a long day shopping after you bought something you love is probably one of the best feelings ever, at least that’s how I experience it. Knowing that you’ve spend your money very well (:
I received a package today from LiveLaughLove, which I’d love to show you in my next post, so stay tuned tomorrow!

how has your day been?


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