new header!


You might have noticed it already, I changed my header! I’ve seen lots of headers so far, since I follow about 20 fashionblog everyday. Every single of them has such a stunning header, while I had the most crappy white/beige ugly one ever, that’s what it felt like comparing to them haha. I didn’t have a single clue how or with which program they created these art pieces.. After visiting about 25 websites I finally found a way how to! It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it, but it was a beginning(:
It took me about an hour to understand what the girl was trying show me where to click etc., but I finally finished it after trying and trying and even more trying..
I’m honestly very pleased with the result, although I think I could’ve done much better, I just have to practice a lot. It’s the first header I ever made, so yeah, pretty good right?
Other than that, I’ve also changed my background into something more peachy? I’m not sure whether I like it or not..

what do you think of it?



What do you think?

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