For a long time, I’ve been begging my parents for an Iphone. Nope, don’t tell me I want one because everyone does. I wanted one as soon as I knew what an Iphone was, which was before most people had bought theirs. After a very long time, I got my parents to promise me that I’d get one as soon as the Iphone 5 were released. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Iphone 5 who did, but the Iphone 4s.. I was super dissapointed ofcourse, as I had already imagined about the 5.. My LG broke, so my mom bought me a Nokia that I could use just temporarily, she said.. turned out to be months..
Long story cut short, I’ve got my mom’s old iPhone 4 now, with which I’m really happy! A couple days ago I ordered an iPhone case online, which could arrive any moment in the next days.. EXCITED MUCH! I’ll surely take a photo of it and post about it as soon as I’ve received it(:

which mobile phone do you have?


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