For a long time, I’ve been begging my parents for an Iphone. Nope, don’t tell me I want one because everyone does. I wanted one as soon as I knew what an Iphone was, which was before most people had bought theirs. After a very long time, I got my parents to promise me that I’d get one as soon as the Iphone 5 were released. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Iphone 5 who did, but the Iphone 4s.. I was super dissapointed ofcourse, as I had already imagined about the 5.. My LG broke, so my mom bought me a Nokia that I could use just temporarily, she said.. turned out to be months..
Long story cut short, I’ve got my mom’s old iPhone 4 now, with which I’m really happy! A couple days ago I ordered an iPhone case online, which could arrive any moment in the next days.. EXCITED MUCH! I’ll surely take a photo of it and post about it as soon as I’ve received it(:

which mobile phone do you have?


One thought on “iPhone

  1. Extrêmement déçu car les photos ne sont en fait pas imprimées sur un papier photo mais sur du papier standard au grammaire un peu plus élevé. Rendu à peine meilleur que sur une imprimante de la maison.

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