My life

I hope that today is the day I’m looking at the facts clearly. I already though I did a thousand times, but this time I want it to be different. My life is a complete mess with only a few people holding my hand, to make sure I won’t drown in it.
I went trough my apps on my iphone and noticed some I used to use to lose weight. I hadn’t opened them in ages, so I decided to take a look at them and delete them if they were crappy ones. While looking trough them I stumbled on ‘MyNetDiary’. An application where you can have your own foodlog and activitylog. For some reason, this app looked lovelier than all the others, so I decided to keep it and to start using it. I weighted myself today, after a long time, and my weight actually surprised me a lot. I thought I was heavier than I actually am, which made me smile.
Anyways, this was crap, what I wanted to share with y’all is that from now on, I’m going to start eating more healthy and to get a more toned body. Other than that, I want to improve my grades at school, by taking homework more seriously. On top of all, I decided to less my activity on the internet, whatsapp and such. I know this will be really hard for me, but I just have to, if I want to achieve something in life. I’ve already given up a couple times in the past, which sucks. I don’t want to be weak anymore. I want to have self-control, discipline and become a better person.
Random note: yesterday evening I accidentally burnt my hair with a candle.. yeah, sucks right?

Anyways, to make this post a lovely one to look at, I decided to add 2 photos of probably, the most handsome guys I’ve ever seen.. especially the right one
428354_397650333656627_928872938_n  tumblr_lv4qz2guq51qhaj6yo1_250


      1. Failure is not falling down, but not standing up again! So, you will definitely succeed! Good luck and feel optimistic and strong!

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