My life

I’ve already survived monday, the hardest part of the week. The weekend just ended, which means, you have to go to school again. It went a lot better than usual, since I slept so nicely! Not doing anything special, just taking some photos on photobooth, that I might upload in the next days. I’m about to do my homework after writing this.
My schoolday will end 2 hours earlier, caused by some tragic events that happened last week. After school, I might go to my boyfriend’s house, do some homework with him and cuddle. I really love cuddling to bits. Yesterday I cuddled with my mom, which I hadn’t done in way too long. It felt so nice to be her little girl again and to know everything will be okay..
I’m going to Rotterdam again to the Erasmus university, just like I did last week on monday. I’m really excited how it will turn out this time. Can’t wait to catch up with all the other people there, they were so nice to talk with! Because of this, I’ll have to skip my piano lesson (yaaaaaay!). Probably everyone close to me knows that I highly dislike playing on it. I’ve played it for 5(?) years now already, but I want to quit really badly. Unfortunately, my parents won’t let me until I move out. I still don’t understand the reason behind it and I’ve already discussed about it many times, but I simply can’t change their opinion about it.
This will be a relaxing day for me. Probably going to spend most of the time on the computer that day. Hopefully I’ve already received my iphone case by then. I ordered it last week and I can’t wait to show it to y’all!
Going to spend that day with my boyfriend again. I’ve only got 5 hours school on friday, which is so lovely! Not sure yet what we’ll be doing that day. We might go to the movies or bake something? I don’t have a single clue actually.. do you? any tips/suggestions?
My family and I will leave really early that morning to Utrecht to prepare chinese new year. We’ll be celebrating it the whole afternoon and evening, which will be so much fun! There will be lots of food and food and… food! (: Food is always nice, right? Everyone will be dressed up prettily and so will I, I hope haha
Leaving to Switzerland for a week with my family to ski and snowboard. shoot, forgot to plan when I’m going to pack my clothes and stuff.. hmmm.. this will probably happen the night between saturday and sunday? I hope the weather will be nice and the snow will be good. I’m planning to bring my panther-outfit with me, so that I’m able to wear it on top of my ski/snowboard clothing. I’ll definitely take a photo of it, to make you laugh(:

what will be the highlights of your week?



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