25 facts about me

  1.  I seem to be quite shy when I meet new people, but as soon as I feel comfortable around you, you’ll probably think I’m a complete weirdo
  2. When I’m alone I sing all the time, but I’d never sing in front of other people
  3. When I feel happy in the morning, I dance in front of the mirror
    Foto op 04-02-13 om 16.58
  4. I love to chew gum, no matter when or where, except when I sleep or eat of course
  5. Whenever I watch the movie ‘The notebook’, I always cry
  6. I know how to knit, but I’ve never finished any of my projects.
  7. I really like the smell of melted butter when I cook
  8. I’ve always wanted an older brother who could protect me for.. I don’t even know haha
  9. I love yoghurt/blueberries/pear ice cream, especially in summer. I can practically live on it, on warm days
  10. I think I’m pretty good in advising people whenever they’re in trouble, but I never seem to be able to get myself out of uncomfortable moments..
  11. I’d love to have a british accent and to talk english fluently
  12. I love to make faces like this..
    Foto op 04-02-13 om 16.59 #3
  13. I try to avoid the number 13, although I don’t believe it’s an unlucky number. I just think it looks ugly and at the age of 13, my dearest grandfather passed away
  14. I have 3 lucky numbers, as they all have a positive meaning in chinese: 6, 8 & 9
  15. I follow 26 beauty/fashion blogs on bloglovin. 14 of them are Norwegian, with as result that I can’t understand a thing of their blogposts. I just look at the photos and try to make something out of the text
    Foto op 04-02-13 om 17.00 #4
  16. When one of my polished nails get damaged, I scratch the polish off all my nails that same day
  17. I take photos of everything I find pretty, when I’ve got my camera with me
  18. I never know what to ask for, for my birthday, until a month after my birthday..
  19. I like my feet most of my whole body
  20. I like people with a strong opinion who just tell whatever they think, though I’m not like that myself
    Foto op 04-02-13 om 17.02 #3
  21. I’ve never found a pair of sunglasses that looked nice on me
  22. In my eyes, australia is the perfect place to go to, though, I’ve never done any research or anything
  23. I used to have a fringe when I was little
  24. I often make small lists of things I should not forget
  25. I love it when people ask me questions, except school-related once.
    Foto op 04-02-13 om 17.01 #2

if you have any further questions, don’t be shy to mail me or comment below. I hope that I’ll be able to make an answering-questions post in the future..

6 thoughts on “25 facts about me

  1. I think your blog is so interesting cuz you really tell about yourself maybe you should put some recipes on your site that would be fun but i wanted to know why did you photograph this with a mac and all your other pictures with a camera. But anyways i love your blog and keep posting :] !

    1. There’s one recipe on this blog actually, it’s how to make cheesecake easily(: The reason why I made these photos with photobooth, is because my sisters didn’t have any time to take some and it’s a lot harder to take photos of myself with a huge camera.. I hope you don’t mind me! Thank you very much Jenna X

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