The best friday ever


It’s friday and the holidays finally started, I still can’t believe it! Time flew by, though I really needed a break from school. As soon as my last class finished, I went to the city centre with my boyfriend. I bought a beanie for myself, yaaaaaay! I’ve wanted one for a long time, but was scared that it wouldn’t fit me properly. Eventually I bought one, because I think I should take more risks when it comes to fashion. Who would I be afraid of? Exactly, nobody. Other people’s opinion shouldn’t bother you(:
I bought one from ANT Origins at a “Britain” store for € 14,99.

IMG_0856 IMG_0859

Before I bought this purchase that made me so happy, I already felt as if I were on top of the world because.. My dad happened to buy me tickets for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour starring the one and only Beyoncé! I couldn’t believe it when one of my friends told me that after her amazing performance at Super Bowl, she started her worldtour which also included one concert in The Netherlands! A couple years ago, me and one of my best friends promised that if Beyonce came to our country, we’d definitely go to her concert. I was stressing all day today, since I had heared that there was a queue of an hour on the ticket website. My dad managed to get some tickets, but when he wanted to pay, a technical error pushed him out of the server! At first, I thought they were sold out, since the website said that there were no tickets available anymore. I started to feel really sad already, until.. my dad texted me that he’d managed to get me tickets for a second time. This time for real though haha. This instantly made me the happiest girl on earth :’)


How was your day?

4 thoughts on “The best friday ever

    1. Ik had het eerst ook al opgegeven, maar ik was echt zoooo blij toen papa smste dat hij toch nog wel kaartjes kon krijgen! hihi(: Wel echt zoo jammer voor je vriendin dan.. maar het ging ook echt gewoon zo snel allemaal! x


      1. Haha snap ik! Ik ben echt zoo jaloers haha. Was het niet ontzettend duur?
        Ja haha, maar er was ook maar een heel kleine kans dat het zou lukken. Ander keertje voor haar dan, haha. Echt heel veel plezier dan! Ga jij ook in het Ziggo Dome? x


      2. Ehmm, 49 euro geloof ik, dus dat valt nog best mee (: Ja, het was binnen een kwartier uitverkocht, dat eerste concert! Dankjewel! Jaa de 22e x


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