love is in the air..


Valentines day is coming and the shop are looking more pink and red than ever. Hearts are everywhere as well as the three words “I love you”. February the 14th is the perfect day to spend with your lover and to show your love for him or her. It’s always hard to buy a gift, so I decided to give you some do’s and don’ts to help you out!


For single people, valentines day is awful. I remember when I, at first, was really excited about it, but then realised I would never get anything from anyone, let alone a little note in my inbox from someone who had a crush on me, which made me really sad. I really thought I would stay alone forever.. I’m sorry to those who don’t have a valentine, just please remember that your day will come as well. There is a prince charming for ever girl and the right girl for every boy. It might take years to find out who that person it, but everyone on this earth has a soulmate somewhere. All you have to do, is wait. Love isn’t something you should search for, it will come when time is ready. Hmmm.. maybe I’m not the right person to tell you this, since I never thought like that until now, but I do hope you trust my words.

I don’t think you have to do everything huge this day, it’s about the love you put into it. What about cooking his or her favorite meal? Making a heart of candles? or giving a box full of little notes saying “I love you, because…”.

Do’s for girls
I think girls like it when their boyfriend cooks for her. It shows that he put effort in it and eating it together can be super romantic.


A bouquet of roses is something that could impress her as well. Girls aren’t as difficult as they seem like. You just have to make sure every detail is perfect. For example, Giving pink, blue, purple, red and yellow flowers together, can make it look messy. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. Pick one colour, such as red, since it relates to love. tumblr_lvte4mP25I1qicpngo1_1280

Girls also like jewellery, but make sure you choose something that fits well with her personality. If she sports often, it’s better to choose something smaller so that she don’t have to take it off every time she sports, such as a small necklace or little earrings.


If she’s into fashion and such, why not give her a fashion magazine? Or maybe bring her to a different city and go shopping together. I bet she’ll love it! If you don’t have much money left, because either you drank to much alcohol with friends, or either you already spend much money for your girlfriend, you should just be creative. Play a song for her if you can play an instrument or sing for her, if you have talent (otherwise, I don’t think singing is a good idea). Make a card by yourself, by drawing on it and well ehm I don’t know.. or bake a cake or cookies for her and write something sweet on it.

Don’ts for girls
Don’t give her a gift card, except when she specifically asked for one. There are a two reasons why you shouldn’t buy one. You’re giving her a value: Why did you gave her 10 euros, why not 15? or why not 50? Do you think she’s only worth a hundred euros? I could go on and on, just don’t give her one. My second reason why you shouldn’t buy her a giftcard is because it’s like “I’m sorry I didn’t have much time, so I bought you a giftcard so that you can buy something yourself. Here you go”. Also, don’t give her lingerie. (atleast, that’s my opinion). If you think you can make her happy with some, then who am I to stop you? But personally, I think it’s like buying something for yourself, since you’re probably buying a bra for her that gives you a boner, don’t you? ;) Don’t buy her a card. It could be nice to give her one if you add something else to it. A card on it’s own is boring and cheap.

Do’s for boys
Don’t blame me if I’m not giving the right advice for presents for your boyfriend, ’cause I have no idea what boys want either. This is just what I(!!) think, that boys like to receive. Cook his favorite meal for him. There’s a reason why people say “The way to a man’s heart is trough his stomach” right? I think you could make him happy by buying the CD of his favorite band or giving him a ticket to the movies for the film, that he wants to see so badly.
Other than that you could also buy him a lovely perfume or buy him a nice shirt. If prom is heading and he doesn’t have a tie yet, you could buy him one. Make notes whenever he says that he still needs or wants something badly. I think adding a little note saying I love you would do it as well. It’s just that cherry on top that makes it all perfect

Don’ts for boys
I honestly don’t have a single clue what not to buy for your boyfriend. I think most things speak for itself..

I really hope I helped you a little. If not, then I hope you’ll find something yourself(:
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p.s. I’m heading to Switzerland today and I’m not sure whether I’ll post tomorrow anything, but I definitely will try my best, so keep checking out my blog! (: Have a lovely day!

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