A couple days ago, Rihanna released her ‘Stay’ music video and every since I’ve heard this song, I’ve played it over and over again. I honestly think this is one of her best songs ever, since it’s such a sensitive song. If you haven’t heard it yet, click HERE. Yesterday evening I stumbled on a video on facebook that one of my friends liked. It was a girl dancing on this song so prettily.. It reminded me of the times when I used to do ballet. Unfortunately, I had to quit when I moved to my current city.. I wanted to continue dancing so badly, but my mom simply wouldn’t let me. I asked her many times what the reason was, but she never told me why until a couple months ago. You want to know why? Because she was scared that I would become obsessed with my weight or anything, since the competition in that world is so freaking hard. I think honestly do understand her, though, I think I’m old enough now to know what’s smart and what’s not. Ballet started fascination me again, after watching the movie ‘Black Swan’. I really really enjoyed watching it. Ballet just looks so feminine and lovely.. Although I’m 16 now, I’d love to start dancing again. It might sound stupid to some of you, but that actually doesn’t do me anything. Yes, maybe I should overthink it once more, but as soon as I’m sure about this, I’ll follow my heart and do whatever I want the most. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives..

AlbanoBallet02 marianela-nunez-in-swan-lake-photo-by-dee-conway

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