The march edition of the dutch Vogue


I’m sorry for posting this magazine cover so late, I really hope you’ll forgive me for that. I simply had too many ideas for blogposts that I wanted to write earlier this month and other than that, did I receive the magazine while I were in Swizerland, which means there was no way possible that I could take any photos of it for a post. Finally, here it is..

I personally dislike the cover, since I think this one looks less pretty than the past issues. However, I think the columns in this month’s edition are very lovely to read. e.g. There’s one about Vogue’s 101 best online shops and about a couple models. I should’ve taken some photos of the inside of this issue, but I forgot.. It’s already getting darker now, so there’s no time left to make a couple more, I’m sorry. I promise I will make some for my post about the next Vogue issue.
IMG_1189 IMG_1191

While looking my photos I stumbled on some I made a couple months ago of the first 4 dutch Vogue issues. They remind me of the summer as they’re very brightly coloured.. Besides, I also took some photos that day, of the inside of the french Vogue. They really caught my eye, as I really like the colours that were used.

IMG_8260IMG_8258 IMG_8255 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8290 IMG_8291

Do you read the vogue?

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2 thoughts on “The march edition of the dutch Vogue

    1. I really like foreign vogues, since the covers are all so pretty and the fact that I can’t understand what’s written is making it more interesting for me(: x


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