Today has been such an exhausting day for me, just as it was yesterday. On monday there was there was this prom until 4 am! I went to bed at 4 that day and ended up feeling super tired the day after. Not very weird though, I mean.. I only slept 2,5 hours haha. I was practically sleeping the whole day, just like everyone else who went. If you’re curious about my look that evening, I would suggest you to visit my instagram HERE. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram as well (:
Today I have piano practice and after that I’ll have to study science.. ugh. Wish me luck and fingers crossed for me please?

My outfit: ZARA shirt, ZARA trousers with aztec print

does your school have a prom? 
IMG_1418 IMG_1424 IMG_1423  IMG_1420


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