Instagram diary

My life


I bought my first beanie this month, that I’ve worn suuuper often in the evenings at home (:
The outfit I posted this month about me trying something new


my outfit when I celebrated Chinese New Year in Utrecht. It was freezing outside, but since I’m such a die-hard, I had bare legs


This is the quiet weird girl behind this blog, who tries to post daily about whatever come up in her mind. I wore lipstick to school that day, something I don’t usually do.
The cute cupcake my sister made at one of her friend’s party that she gave to me. Such a cutiee


The other outfit I posted a couple days ago, idk why I put these on my instagram, probably to keep it a little alive?
I managed to get tickets for Beyoncé’s world tour The Mrs. Carter Show. I still can’t believe I’m going to see her in real life within less than 2 months!


Me wearing my panther suit for Carnival in Switzerland.
While wearing my beanie. I don’t think you’ve seen a photo of me wearing it yet.. well, here you go
Eating my favorite chocolate coated cookies nomnomnomnom
Feeling like Minnie Mouse(: le so weird


Just some random outfit posts..


Celebrating Chinese New Year: one photo with my dearest grannie and one with my younger sisters
My favorite smoothie drinks, I can’t get enough of these, though, home-made ones are much better and healthier
Quote of the month: I just think this one is something everyone should keep in mind


If you read one of my latest posts about prom and you were wondering what I looked like.. *weird accent*: YOU LIKE OR NO?
My faaaavorite shoes (:


Some old photos I found on my blog when it had snowed.. I really hope the summer will come soon!
A couple of my vogue magazines
My new iPhone case, with which I’m really happy!

Although these posts only show a couple events that happened this month, I think this was pretty much the summary of my month. I haven’t done an instagram diary before, so I’d love to receive feedback about it. Is it something I should do every month or don’t you like reading this at all?

How was your month?

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