Hockey all the way


Finally the hockey season started again, after a winter break. My endurance has decreased a lot since the last time I hockeyed, though, I’m sure I’ll be able to get it as high as it used to within no time. I’ve worn my hockey uniform pretty much all day, since I just arrived home. Unfortunately, in less than one hour, I’ll have to go to work. I’m very tired and I’d rather just relax on the couch and watch tv.


Although my hockeystick pretty much looks like shit, I’m sorry for my wordchoice, it’s the most lovely stick I’ve ever had. I started playing hockey at the age of 6. In 2002 my family and I moved to a different city because of my dad’s job. He then came in touch with a man who had children the same age as my dad had. One of them became one of my best friends and we still hang out together. We went to the same primary school, since her dad advised this school to my dad, and now go to the same grammar school. Her dad also convinced mine to let me and my sisters play hockey. I’ve loved it ever since.

IMG_1487 IMG_1488

what sports do you do?

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