Sunday is (not) Funday

My life

I decided to post facts about my sunday instead or writing about it, hope you enjoy! (:

  • I set my alarm clock this morning at 11:30 because I dislike wasting my time because of sleeping, though I’m not doing anything useful today
  • I should be studying for tomorrow’s french grammar test, but I honestly don’t have any idea how.. well, maybe I do but I just don’t feel like studying yet..
  • Because of yesterday’s first hockey match and an evening as waitress, my muscles are aching like never before. I honestly feel like a boner, I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m barely able to walk..
  • I planned to do an outfit post today, but my dad took his camera with him to the golf club and my own sony sucks.
  • So far this day, I only have eaten healthy food: a slice of bread with an egg and some yoghurt. Feels good to eat healthy
  • For the first time in a very long time, I’m wearing a dress on a regular day. I usually only wear them to special events etc.
  • I’m wearing it with tights. They are super uncomfortable, I’ve never liked them. However, they say ‘beauty is pain’, right?
  • I was supposed to go to my boyfriend’s grannie’s birthday, but my parents wouldn’t let meIMG_9158
  • I’ve just only realised how ugly the neighbourhood I live in, is
  • My mom offered to make me some tea, which I found very nice of her so I replied ‘yes pleaese’. Unfortunately she made the worst tasting one I’ve ever tasted. It tasted like liquorice.. There are not very many things I dislike, but this is one of them that I just don’t

note: by saying ‘beauty is pain’, I’m not referring to self-harm and such. I’m not in any way supporting that, just wanted to clear that up.
how is your sunday?

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