hot or not?


I’ve seen them a couple years ago already on tumblr, but I think it will become popular in the near future. Although they already exist longer than today, I’ve never seen them on a ‘known’ beauty website so far yet, until recently. I’m talking about the ‘Chuck Taylor All Star Platform’ shoes.Desktop26



I honestly really really like them in white, though I’m not planning to buy them since I think they don’t fit me well. I really hope people won’t wear this because it might become a trend/hype. I think it’s weird when people wear things just because everyone else do, even though it doesn’t fit their personality or style.

An other trend I noticed lately are clothes saying ‘Comme Des Fuckdown*”. I really like them and would love to have either a beanie or a sweater saying this text, though I’m not sure yet. I have only found a couple website so far. However, most of the articles on them were sold out. If you know any, then please leave the links in the comment box below. I once saw them on my instagramfeed and a couple times on my tumblr dashboard, so I started to look for it on the internet. I ended up finding many more photos. I also really really like the clothes saying ‘Coco made me do this’. Damn, I want all of them!


what do you think of these shoes and tees? and what do you think of the kind of people I mentioned in this post?

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14 thoughts on “hot or not?

  1. I always love when there are posts where bloggers ask other opinions and with these items I got so many ideas! When it comes to the sneakers, I really am afraid that they will be in fashion, considering what’s the fashion like right now. When Jeffrey Campbell came with his crazy shoes, many thought “oh it will get nowhere” but now I really don’t know any fashionista who doesn’t like/own a pair of Campbell’s shoes! Same is with the sneakers – there are actually similar footwear in fashion right now, for example the creepers which are absolutely crazy but so in. So definitely for people who love comfort, casual/grungy style, these shoes might be an option (they are kind a cool actually and I think you should give it a go!) When it comes to the shirts, I have a suggestion – make it YOURSELF!!! It’s not hard AT ALL! Take a regular shirt, plain white one for example, draw the sentence on with a pencil (you can do it with a ruler so it will be extra extra straight) and then just fill the letters with permanent marker – there are some extra made so it wouldn’t come off with washing! It’s great way to make one yourself :)

    Much love to you,


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