photos say more than words can


Photography has always been something that caught my attention. Ever since I can remember, I secretly took my dad’s camera upstairs with me to take photos of my sister. Technology in general has always been something I were interested in. At the age of 6, my dad gave me his old computer that he didn’t use anymore. Ofcourse I didn’t sure on the internet at that age yet. I just made painting on paint for hours and hours. Other than that, did I spend my time clicking on every button because of my curiosity. I wanted to know what everything meant and did on the computer. My uncle is the type of person that knows about every gadget, you know? He often tells me about the latest must-haves and stuff like that, which makes our relation very tight. We can get along very well, since we can talk about photography and computers all the time. Not only those subject though, but also about hockey and much more. I could spent ages behind my laptop just looking at photos, since they fascinate me a lot. Not only looking at photos, but also taking photos myself ofcourse. It’s all about the composition you use and the lightning.
Isn’t it weird how we can capture one moment just by clicking one button?

I currently use a Canon EOS 500D with an EF-S 18-200mm zoom lens.

would you like to see some shots I took with my camera?


say cheese!


well, fuck you..


alright, just kidding.. peace?


*click* you look wonderful today


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