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What I forgot to mention in my post about the hairdresser, is that I bought 2 new iPhone cases and a new eyeliner. This time I went for a more basic phone case, since my current one is very colourful. click HERE to see my post about that one. I bought them at a random shop which name I can’t even remember anymore. I really like the pink coloured one, since it’s very bright and summer-ish. The black one is more classy for chic events.


As you might know, I’ve got eyelash extensions. If you want to know more about them, click HERE to read my post about it. I can’t use any waterproof make-up, since you’ve got to use oil-based make-up remover to clean your face. The only way to rid of the these fake lashes, is by wiping something oily on them so yeah, that’s why I can’t. Before I got these extensions, I used to wear waterproof eyeliner from Make Up For Ever, so I had to buy a new one. I ended up with a Too faced eyeliner, with which I’m really happy. I haven’t tried it on yet, but I might try it this weekend if I have enough time.
Did you know sephora is going to quit selling its products in The Netherlands?!

little note: This morning I received 2 pretty ‘mean’ comments on my last post. If you’re wondering what they said, you can stop searching on my blog, because I already deleted them. I just wanted to say something to those 2 (or more?) people. If you dislike me or my blog, just avoid me and don’t look on this website. I also find it very weak of both of you, that you don’t even have the balls to show your name. I don’t feel like creating any drama at this point of my life, since I’ve been feeling very happy the last couple of days, but I just wanted some things said.

what’s your favourite make-up brand?

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