would you notice the difference?

My life

It started off as just some weird project I had in mind. I erased all my freckles and birthmarks etc. just to see what it would look like if I had none on my face. On my dashboard on tumblr, I’d seen many people who simple don’t have one, which made me very curious. I honestly thought my face would look a lot different without any. I also thought I’d look very ugly, since in my eyes, all these freckles made me who I am. I also wondered whether other people would notice the difference, so I sent a couple close friends of mine the photo. I asked them whether they noticed a difference. Guess what? None of them noticed anything, none! I expected at least one to notice, but I guess I was wrong.. If you now asked me my opinion about it, I would say that I think my face looks prettier without. However, they’re just part of me. I wouldn’t get them removed ever.
Here are the photos I talked about sorry for the awkward hand

would you notice the difference?

IMG_2140_2 IMG_2140

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2 thoughts on “would you notice the difference?

  1. I dont think anyone would notice it, I actually think that the birthmarks makes you less barbie-like. Imperfections are perfect xxx Mees


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