Yesterday morning I received the new vogue of this month!  The feeling I get when I see there’s a new issue waiting for me is simply asdfghjkl;. My boyfriend gave me probably the best birthday present I could ever wish for, I still can’t believe it. Vogue Nederland added a chanel mascara to the magazine, since it’s their first year anniversary!


Other than this exciting news, I’ve got something else that I want to share with you..

I GOT INVITED FOR A EVENT/CAMPAGNE FROM Vanharen, O’Neill, Hans-Anders, Fashionology, Kiboots, Winde Rienstra, Mina UK, One Teaspoon, Minkpink, Edith & Ella, Summum Woman, 2LOVETONYCOHEN en Laimböck!

I can’t believe it actually happened.. Yesterday evening I received an email from this pr agency asking me how many visitors I have a month. I never expected they would actually select me :’) There’s just one little problem.. I don’t think my parents would let me, nor do I know how to persuade them to let me. Does anyone have any advice/tips etc? I want to go so badly, this might be the step to the next level!

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4 thoughts on “THIS IS HUGE

  1. You have to go, it’s huge! It’s an honor to be invited to such an amazing event! An exquisite opportunity!
    Maybe you should tell your parents that blogging is your passion, something you dedicate your leisure time to and this is like actually getting credit for all the effort. Show them how many followers you have, the comments on every post and tell them how much we all love your blog. That couldn’t leave them indifferent! Good luck x


    1. Ahw thank you so much! this is probably the loveliest comment I’ve ever received! I’ll try my best and keep you up to date about it! (: Have a nice day! x


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