Pencil on your sweater? Poor a little bit of milk on a cloth and use this to scrub the pencil off your sweater. If there’s no milk near you, you could also try some toothpaste.

Chewing gum on your clothes? Put your clothes in the fridge for a couple hours, so that the gum will freeze. After that you can just pull it off your clothing without damaging it.

Grease stain? You can clear this with dish soap. Put some on your clothes and trow it your clothing piece in the washing machine.

Spilled some nail polish over your new tee? One way to get rid of it, is to spray some perfume with alcohol on it. Wait for a bit and you should be able to rub it off.

Got some lipstick on places other than your lips? Diaper wipes could be the solution to this.

If you use too much nailpolish without using a base coat, your nails can turn yellow, what now? The solution for this is actually very simple. Put some toothpaste with whitening effect on an (old) toothbrush and scrub your nails with it. Most of the yellow should now be removed. If not, then you could use some citron liquid, which should bleach your nails as well.

Got static hair? spray some hair spray on your brush before brushing your hair

Want to have nice curled eyelashes? Most of us know that your lashes will curl a lot more after putting on mascara than before. However, this causes much damage on your lashes. Use a hair dryer to heat up your ear curler before using it and you’ll get much more naturally curled lashes.

if you know more, then feel free to share them by leaving them in the comment box below(:


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