Instagram Diary: March

My life


These are my favorite trousers, I could probably wear them every day. The second photo was my first header


This month, I tried something new when it comes to outfit posts. I decided to only take photos of some details of my outfit.


My mom finally finished her knitted scarf for me, that I’m wearing in 2 of the photos. It’s super warm and lovely to wear!


As you might know by now, I love photography. I took the 2 photos of my sister and my cousin when I was in China (a couple years ago). My love for Vogue magazines has never decreased. Still enjoy spending hours reading and looking trough it.


I painted my nails white and for some magical reason, they still look pretty! Usually they already get damaged after 3 days or so.


Well well, that’s me..


I really really liked the lighting this day. Every photo turned out to look wonderful! I hope there will be more days like this one in the future.


The sexy twin Jack and Finn. Gosh, can’t get enough of these two. They’re so freaking funny! As I had a testweek this month and the weather was very cold, I studied in front of the fire place. Super cozy!


I went to the hairdresser this month, so my hair looks a lot healthier now. Other than that, I had to do this project for school for which I had to represent a Greek or Latin god. I chose Hermes, that’s why I put these wings on my shoes
how was your month?

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