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Yesterday afternoon, I went to Amsterdam immediately after school. I was very nervous, as this was the first bloggers event I ever got invited to. Anyways, so I arrived in the capital city of the Netherlands and started looking for the exact address, which was quite easy, since so many well-fashioned people walked into the same building. When I walked in, I started wondering where I got the guts to come there. I didn’t have a single clue what to do, nor how to start talking to fellow bloggers. Everyone seemed so familiar with these events, except for me. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only person who felt pretty awkward there, so I ended up talking to some people. We got divided into smaller groups to do the workshops, as the event was called CreamprDIY. The program existed of  customizing your own pair of shoes, receiving advice about (sun)glasses, getting to know more about gemstones and actually make your own necklace, a style contest, an interview with a fashion designer Winde Rienstra and the owner/creator of a the shoebrand Kiboots and, last but not least, the chance to ask lifestyle journalist Cintha Rood and webdesigner Daan Janssen anything about how to improve your blog. Ofcourse I also received a couple presents, which I’ll show you in tomorrow’s post. I hope I got you curious about them, haha

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