Can’t hold us

Music, My life


I honestly think life is becoming boring nowadays. You get in one routine that you just can’t get out from. Sometimes it’s helpful because it gives structure, but sometimes you just want some difference. I decided to change my life. Not very drastically, but in a way as trying to find my limits. How far can I go? How far dare I to go? How much can I take? Ofcourse I should be careful and not let this get out of hand, yet I think it’d be something good. I might be able to enjoy life a lot more this way. I want some adventure, not the ‘perfect’ life. Tonight I’m going to a hockey event/party with 2 other girls. I made a promise with one of them, that tonight we’re going to talk to a yet unknown person. We should get out of our comfort zone and meet new people. Dare to talk to new people and actually have a conversation with them.
What do you think of it?

p.s. Do you know this song called ‘Can’t hold us’ from macklemore ft Ryan Lewis? I freaking love this song, makes me super happy!

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