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Still haven’t figured out yet what my outfit will be like this saturday, nor for april the 22nd. Also have been very exited about something new that I forgot to mention in my past posts.. I might go to London in a couple weeks! My cousin Kiki is currently there, but will return home in June. When my dad went to London for his work last week, he caught up with her about everything and eventually she told my dad that she’d love me to fly over before she goes back to The Netherlands. Obviously I started screaming and dancing super much when my parents told me about it. I went to London once so far and I absolutely loved it there! Not only do I like british accents by bits, but simply everything there is just amazing!
What’s your favorite country /city and why? Or which one would you like to visit super badly?

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9 thoughts on “I heart London

  1. Holland. That must be an interesting place. I am going to have Europe on my calendar. ALways wanted to go for retirement. So have fun.


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