color your lips


red lips, lishenho IMG_4049 red lips, lishenho

As I mentioned in today’s previous post, have I been shopping yesterday for some new make-up products. One of the items I bought was a lip stain from NYC. I personally think the lip stain just isn’t the perfect color for me. The color is a bit to intense for me I guess. After I applied it on, I noticed that I wasn’t able to remove it with a tissue, which felt as something positive but also negative at the same time. I then ate my supper and found out that it made the color look a lot softer and more dark pinkish. I now love it heaps! It was too dark to take a photo at that time, but you might see it in one of my posts in the future?
what do you think? which make-up brand has lovely lipsticks that look soft/natural and stay well?

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