The luckiest girl in the world


Have been enjoying the lovely weather so much today! The sun was finally shining brightly and everyone was having a good time. I just came home from sports day, that got me exhausted! Currently resting a lot, as my ankle got injured.. Anyways, in today’s post I’m showing you my new bags!

IMG_4593 IMG_4530   IMG_4550 IMG_4559 IMG_4568 IMG_4584 IMG_4597 IMG_4600 IMG_4605 IMG_4524

Longchamp // DKNY // Longchamp // Furla // DKNY

My mom bought the second one in green, which she allows me to borrow from her(: Other than that, she bought 2 Furla bags, that look very similar to the one in my last photo. I got all of these bags gifted from my dearest grandmother, as there was this huge sale. I was suppose to go to the concert already, but couldn’t stop myself from going with my mom and grandmother to this store called ‘Lederwaren’ to look for new bags. I’m glad I did haha (:
Which one do you like the most?

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