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Just came home from school and am about to eat something, very quickly. Then I’m going to change outfit and get my stuff together for The Mrs Carter Show! Still can’t believe that I’m actually going to see Beyoncé performing live aaaaah! Have to hurry so much right now.. I don’t have time to take outfit photos, but I’ll surely show you what I wore within the next days this week. As I promised, my new clothes and shoes are in the photos. The sun was about to go down when I took them, but for some reason this caused the overexposed look. I hope you don’t mind though!
A couple days ago, I went to the city centre with one of my friends and stumbled on these shorts. I wasn’t sure whether I liked it enough to buy, so I hung it back in the rack. When I came home, I kept thinking about it and felt so guilty for not buying it! Luckily, I didn’t have anything to do the day after, so I went shopping with my mom. I prepared myself for not finding the shorts in my size anymore, but was secretly hoping that there was one left in stock for me. As you have noticed, there was! I think finding something really cute and noticing there’s only one piece left in your size, is one of the best feelings ever!
What is in your opinion the best feeling ever?

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